What’s A Cold Grab?


That’s probably a phrase you’ll be seeing a lot of on this blog; so, you may, as well, know what it is AND ..what’s in it for you.

The surest and best test of a ‘cold grab’ is how easily you can enjoy a comic, with virtually no knowledge of the backstory or what went on before, ..like fishing an ice-cold beer out of a cooler.  There are a lot of comics that you’ll find slipping out of one story that takes place, over six-plus issues, ..right into another.  You can’t just pick up a comic, like that, and get into it enough to fully enjoy the story, which is why the cold grab works for so many of us, who love comics, bu-uuut, ..also have lives.

For comixeurs, comics is a thing, ..but, it’s never been the only thing.  Could that be you?

You’re welcome.

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