Stare Down The Gods Of Kathmandu!


Climb onto the top of the world, on a ten-day trek through the legendary mountains of Kathmandu!

“…with its colourful temples, city squares, and great shopping. With the support of a team of expert Sherpas, the challenging trails of Annapurna will reward you with a stunning combination of towering peaks and dramatic valleys. Rest and relax overnight in teahouses, where you’ll reconnect with ancient ways long forgotten by the modern world…”

“You did WHAT, last weekend? Seriously…you?”

Get ready to rule the lunchroom (or water-cooler) scene, when mere mention of this LonelyPlanet adventure shuts the room, down!  Them ‘gods’ won’t be forgotten, very long, when YOU tell everybody how you – with your wise, Sherpa guide and hot archaeologist companion – found them.

Hot archaeologist companions, beautiful princesses-pursued-by-assassins…and shopping.  Go, you must.

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